IAAS Indonesia LC UB

Are you ready for Local Committee Conference (LCC) XVI ???

Dare urself to be a local leader?
Challenge urself to give a Positive impact to this organizatiob?
IAAS Local Committee of Brawijaya is calling for you to be an leader in EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE

If you think that you are the person that IAAS LC UB needs to change to be better than was.
send us ur softcopy and hardcopy:
1. CV (Contains ur latest photo)
2. A motivation letter (be creative to explain why u apply and why should IAAS'er choose you? what makes u different?
3. Vission and mission
4. Latest Photo (JPEG)

Standard Requirements:
- Members of IAAS LC UB
- Haing Experience at least one years in IAAS LC UB
- Have at least experience either participate or being committee of IAAS LC UB events

Send all the requirements softcopy to lcc.iaaslcub@ymail.com with this subject:
- For Local committee Director: "Fullname_LCCIAASLCUBXVI_LCD
- For Executive Secretary: "Fullname_LCCIAASLCUBXVI_ES
- For Deputy Local Director: "Fullname_LCCIAASLCUBXVI_DLD

And hardcopy to Egin
CP: Egin ( 085731723282)

Click here for download application form

Registration Close: December 5th 2011

Register urself and let's create breakthrough
can't wait to see the new young leader

and To all IAAS'er who wants to change the PKO. Please write ur Editorial in this form. Click here.

Send Email to: lcc.iaaslcub@ymail.com

PS: Let's spread this good news to everyone!
Good luck leaders!

- cheers - 

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Science and Technology Department Members

ARYA ULILALBAB : General Manager of STD (aga_1705@yahoo.com/ 085648659990/ Food Science and Technology/ traveling, writing, reading/ Jalan Cengger Ayam 25 Malang)

PUSPITA HARDINANINGSIH : Secretary of STD, Coordinator of Library (dina_puspit@yahoo.co.id/ agroekotechnology/ reading/ Kertoleksono Malang)

ELIS SITI TOYIBAH : Treasurer of STD, Coordinator of English Club and Agricomplex News

RIO RIZKHY FEBRYANA : Coordinator of IAAS Poster Competition and Ceminar of Environment (riorizkhy23@gmail.com/ Marine Science/ futsal/ Kertoraharjo Dalam 2 Malang)

MOCHAMAD ZAINAL : Coordinator of Tractor Training, Coordinator of IAAS Entepreneur (mzainal45@yahoo.com)

ZHU ZI XIAO : Coordinator of Culture Study and Sharing Experience, Coordinator of Japanese Club

HENDRY KURNIAWAN : Coordinator of IAAS go to School, Coordinator of STD Village Concept Programee

RURIN RATNA PAWESTRI : Coordinator of STD PERS, Coordinator of IAAS Research (pawestri.rui@gmail.com/ utilization of fisheries resources/ Jalan Sumbersari Gang 3 Malang)

WAHYU DIAN CAHYA : Coordinator of Information and Technology Class

HASTO : Coordinator of Food Science Training

NINING : Coordinator of Malang Tempo Doeloe/ MTD (nienzetya@gmail.com/ Biology/ traveling, writing/ Jalan Kertoraharjo)
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Jum'at, 03 desember 2010 (15.30 - 17.00/ @sekretariat IAAS) : Culture Study and Sharing Experience
Tema : Sharing Thailand Simposium with Mr. Tabik, Mr. Mukti and Miss. Khusnul

Sabtu, 04 desember 2010 (07.30 - 09.00/ @sekretariat IAAS) : English Class
Tema : Introduction, How to learn english well, Speaking with Miss. Elis and Miss. Winda


Jum'at, 10 desember 2010 (15.30 - 16.30/ @ sekretariat IAAS) : Information and Technology Class
Tema : Pengenalan Corel XV secara umum, pembuatan pamflet with Mr. Wahyu

Sabtu, 11 desember 2010 : English Class
06.30 - 07.00 : Joging (kumpul di depan gazebo FTP)
07.00 - 08.30 : English Club (di depan lapangan rektorat UB)
Tema : Writing and Reading with Miss. Elis and Miss. Winda

08.30 - 09.00 : Agrocomplex News (di depan lapangan rektorat UB)
Tema : Daily Nutrition with Mr. Arya


Sabtu, 18 desember 2010 : English Class (out side)
- 06.00 : Kumpul di bundaran UB
06.00 - 06.15 : Menuju Rampal
06.15 - 06.45 : Joging
06.45 - 07.30 : English Club
Tema : Game and Kindship with Miss.Winda
07.30 - 08.45 : Go to Pasar Minggu
Tema : Analisa pasar, pedagang, pembeli, etc. with Miss. Elis

More information, contact us :
Arya : 085648659990
Elis : 081805345355
Dwi : 085646743447
Wahyu : 085231562747
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whoaa..... it has been so long since the woco 2010 isn't it?

and then guess what ----->
we have some rehearse yayyyy.... \(´▽`)/"

thank you to our great people that arranged this moment
it happens just a few days ago and it's still leaving a amazing feeling on us all
but not all of the commitee can coming with us, just a few people who can't attend

they'll be very regreted cause we having a good uhh no maybe the most amazing-wonderfull moment that we've sure we forget about our routine activities for just a moment ƪ('-'\)" "(/'-')ʃ
our journey began at thursday night in malang and there are 45 people that coming in
we have very exhausted when we ready to aboard but we seems like have a additional spirit when we are in the ship
because of one of our friend mas dwi a.k.a zhu xi chao singing dangdut in the ship and then all of the commitee joined with him.
that night is so wonderfull especially for the appearances haha \(´▽`)/"

after that we actually arrived in bali
whoaa feels like the air of the beach said welcome to us yaaayyy
at last the conclusion is we have a amazing days in bali and we've sure we gonna visit all the amazing places just like bali...

maybe next is macedonia or belgium....
who knows ?
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Dear guys,
We have a news for all of you. As we know that GA will be held in Malang. And one of the ways to get there from Jakarta is by plane. We are sponsored by Garuda-air for flight Jakarta-Malang. The participants of WoCo will get the discount for about 25% of the normal prices. You, who want to get the discount, please follow these stages to get that:
1. Write your name, your country, your city, (as in passport) and your email to: woco2010@gmail.com
2. Give subject "booking flight ticket Jakarta-Malang” in your email. Then we will help you to book the ticket to Garuda.
3. Please register before 20 June. if you want to book after that date, it is expired.
Woco is getting closer. We are waiting for you, all!!!

World Congress IAAS, 2010
-The Organizing Committee-
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IAAS 53rd world congress of IAAS

(International Association of Student in Agriculture and Related Science)
IAAS International fair
Theme “ The Power of Local resources to support food, trade, and energy”
Place : Widyaloka convention hall
Date : July 13rd 2010
Time : 2 pm – end


IAAS world congress is an annual meeting to IAAS member over the world. The objective of this event is to collect all of IAAS member in the world. More than 16 countries will attend in this event. We have so many Activities in this event for example: lecture session, working group, plenary, university exhibition, international evening and many more

We also have another event that will be held in same day named IAAS International Fair (IIF). This event consist of two supporting event. The two events is university exhibition and idea bank. IIF is open for all of people. IIF is free entry for all, so let’s join us to become an international student by join with us. There are will attend so many people all over the world

Facilities that you can get from this event is door prize if you have the best idea that you write in idea bank. So don’t forget to write your idea in idea bank.

visit IAAS Indonesia
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Hi guys...are you really want to join IAAS Expro?? are you sure U ready for shock culture and travelling around the world? are you ready to be different people then and get a lot of chances during and after ur exchange?? if so, lets start now :)

Lets see, expro, ur mind will imagine about travelling aboard right? Europe especially. no doubt about it, it happened to me also. actually i have no special or secret tips and trick for u to pass expro, u just need to apply online, make interview with your Lexco, and yes find a lot of informations about ur destination countries and hosting places there. u can ask IAASer from ur destination countries (the nexco or member), or ask ur friends who have already did expro from that countries, be self confidence !!! .dont worry about the language, hey, never think u will make mistakes or not, i believe u can speak English, u all, u just need more self confidence and be brave, and sssstttt....... dont worry, Europian national language is not English, so yeah they also same like us, so, it doesn't matter at all now for the language right?

I am doing expro in Siikajoki north Finland now, until December. almost Finland host ask us to stay for a year, some 6 months. i learn a lot of things during here: practice in the cow's farm directly (things like cleaning the cow's house, cleaning milking pipe and drinking cup of cows, change fly paper, milking, feeding, cleaning cows), join the local events and some activities with host family (like fun during easter with the host's daughter and got free chocholates from neighbours and use clown make up, vacation with host family to the ski center in Lapland, celebrate the 90th birthday of host's father, go to host daughter's school and meet teenage friends, go to supermarket together by car or bike, play snow with host's daughter, cycling), and yes....u will see u will find ur self during here (and u will be more open minded people :) ).

I do the real work from monday until saturday, normally until friday, but its difficult when u are working in cow's farm. and u will get day off in sunday, but sometimes u don't get every sunday, its depend on ur agreement with ur host because of some cases (like some machinery troubles in farm, or ur host invite u to vacation with them, so u will get no day off in sunday then). i got a very comfort and nice flat with complete facilities during here like internet access unlimited time, bike, washing machine, nice kitchen, nice and comfort bed. and yes, u must cook ur own food during here. but my suggestion: u must think first about stay for a year, remember, u will be alone here (only u the worker here....!!) and far from crowded town, so maybe better try 4 or 6 months 1st then u can decide to stay longer or not, because u will sign the binding paper contract with ur host.

hmmm...how can i say to survive in other country? we need some adaptation of course, its depend on each person, a week, a month, or more. but remember about the extreme climate here, in winter the temperature can reach -35 C but in summer just around 25 C and sometimes rain in summer. so i suggest u to bring some kind of chlotes (dont bring a lot of chlotes. u only get 20 kgs max for ur bagage in airport. just bring important chlotes like chlotes for work, for winter and summer time. u can wash by machine during here), like thick jacket (1), cap (2, u need it especially in winter), thick shock (3 pairs), pants (3 pairs long pants and 2 pairs short pants), shoes (2 pairs, for winter and sumer), sandal (1 pair), sweater (1), shirt (3-5), small bag (1-2, to travel), some foods from Indonesia like hot sauce and instant seasoning, notebook and pen, handphone (use XL, no need activated for international roaming) and its complements, digital camera and its complements, ur own medicine, equipments for shower, flasdisk or external hardisk (if u want u can also bring ur laptop), eee..... dont forget ur passport and documents related with that (hahahahhaa...its the most important thing to travel aboard).

culture shock? i am not feel it during here (maybe just for extreme climate), its not too different with Indonesia. yeah maybe just like the calling here without bro or sis like Indonesian do to appreciate older people, here u can call the name directly even he or she much older than u, its normal. about the food and beverage like pork, gluten, alcohol, its depend on u, no one here can force or forbid u to consume that, but they can help u to choose food or beverage free from that. and yes, dont worry for girl use hejab, no one think u are freak, they just corious. maybe the problem is just local language, its not common people here speak English, they use their local language: Finnish, so its better u learn some important words like kiitos (thanks), terve (halo), hi hi (good bye) for some cases. some people here also speak Estonian and Swedish language, but English is very rare (except in big city like Helsinki).

about travelling aboard, hahaha, i still haven't much experiences yet about this (we have a lot of works to do here, thats why i seldom travel to other places or countries, maybe after expro :) ). i just enjoy cycling during here. Finland, especially Siikajoki is the best place for cycling while enjoy the fresh air and nature, still a lot of forests. when i was in Ski center in Lapland (vacation with host family), i did ski, saw directly people did snow boarding and down ski from the hill. its really nice view for me, of course i also took many pictures during here. oh yeah, if u are lucky, u will see aurora (running fox) during in Finland, i ever saw it twice, green color, but bad I cant took picture of that. and in summer, u will see beautiful sky at 10 -11 pm in bright days: pink, yellow, orange, blue, combination colors.

if u want to study in Finland, u will get many advantages: no cost for study and yes u can get loan for ur study, just check CIMO (Center of International Mobility) for detail information. my suggestion is Helsinki University, the best university in Finland.

ok, finally its the end of my expro story. for more information (contact person and technical things, dont hesitate to contact me through my facebook or just sent me ur email at puzzy_catty@yahoo.com and putrindri@gmail.com, i will be very glad to answer u :) ).
''join IAAS Expro: be shock culture, be different people, and get many chances to explore the world..............!!!!''
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The first day
Today is a day of holding the selection of candidates for the election of new committee for the National Conggres IAAS XV. This selection followed by .... which participants in the selection, we are given a variety of questions from the senior elder of our readiness, and our interest in the management committee. We asked what was the National Conggres and that whatever we do there. We also asked about the readiness of our mental, whether we could survive and be able to run all the consequences of the task will be given. We also asked if elected later, we want to go in Sie anything, and also our experience in these Sie. However, the senior brother was very friendly at all in providing the questions, they do not make us tense. In fact, we feel it in the selection of fun this time.

The second day: December 24, 2009
~ This is the day of the announcement in which 29 people were elected new committee members in order to prepare the National Conggres IAAS XV. After undergoing a rigorous selection, the people elected the following as the committee:

The third day: December 31, 2009
Today, the committee held a meeting at the headquarters PDD our beloved, hehe. Today's meeting discussed the progress of our work. In this meeting, I as one of the PDD committee cute design yield my id card to the chairman mas charts in PDD. Mas charts and was like (oh gosh, im soo excited, lol). besides, we also discuss the appropriate publication strategy. and the CO A'an the PDD and Cahyo and Dipta / Anga item gives publicity strategies. Starting from Friday prayer strategy, to utilize strategies temen "deket (hahaha, that was so creative.) Meeting this time was also punctuated by a joke. So it is not as serious as you think looh that. Here also it was discovered that there CINLOK among team PDD (ooowwww XD). namely the A'an (the protagonist) was to save the heart of a neighbor girl named team PDD yg F **** A (sensored, xixixi). At first she's so shy, self "is not admitted. but after the urge and set up by the children, she finally admitted it, too (cieeehhhh). Yahh we can only help the prayers just An, may your love clapped his hands together (accepted meaning, hehe).
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IAAS XV National Congress of Indonesia, held at IAAS Brawijaya University Local Committee, the event dihadari by all Local Committee IAAS Indonesia, namely: Brawijaya University, Institut Pertanian Bogor, Haluoleo University, Diponegoro University, Padjadjaran University and State University Eleven in March. This year, the event is NATCON XV, held on February 2 to February 8, 2010.
National Congress with the theme this time Is it Milk Save for Our Health?, Which deals with milk, why he is considered unhealthy, and what benefits have milk for the human body, it was discussed in seminar activities, which is filled by an experienced speaker. Besides the seminar, this time NATCON XV was also charged with the introduction of Fair Trade products or display the results of the university and their respective regions.
In addition, the core event is the trial NATCON, plenary meetings and discussions that started the accountability report, amendments to PD / PRT, preparatory to the removal WOCO office and election of new tenure-2010 period 2011untuk presidium remained NATCON XV trial, consisting of : M. Sobich Maimun (LC IPB), Eko Kurniawan (UB LC), and Astutik Enita (LC UNS), for the election of Election Committee consists of NATCON XV: Muchlis Setiawan (UB LC), Sprott Irawati (UNDIP LC), and Safarudin Palawa (LC UNHALU), for the Indonesia National Committee IAAS 2010-2011 period, specify: Hafiz Iqbal Maulana as National Director, Prima Triwahyu Nugroho as Vice Director of Partnership, Jihan Fauzhia Benazir as Vice Director of Exchange, Lina Muflihatudz Dzakiyyah as Vice Director of Finance, and Budi Hartono as the Vice Director of Communication, for the determination of Indonesia 2010-2011 IAAS CCNC set: Word Adib Hidayat (LC UB), Nur Femmi Basri (LC UNPAD), and Sabila Princess Dian (LC IPB), and in the plenary is set too NOC NOC which consists of four personal namely: Jerry Hadiansyah (LC UB) as well as executive chairman of the event said bertanggug and security WOCO 2010, Saskia Piscesa (LC IPB) was responsible for the Partnership WOCO 2010, Ika Puspitasari (LC UB) is responsible for secretarial, and Eko Oktavianto Teak (LC UNDIP) which is responsible for communication.

Not forgetting also an interesting event from this time NATCON XV is on the last two days, holding events and Farewall Field Trip Party, Field Trip activities are filled with Selekta Park, Bonsai, and the Rock Night Playcentre Square. The event is filled with Farewall Party shows creativity / art from each university and the region.
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Dated February 2, 2010, held at the Faculty of Humanities, University of IAAS Brawijaya Local Committee held a National Seminar on the theme of "Milk: Is It Safe for Our Health?", Attended by six universities that were represented by their respective Local Committee IAAS Indonesia.The six universities are Brawijaya University, March Eleven State University, Diponegoro University, Institut Pertanian Bogor, Padjadjaran university, and Halueleo University. Besides this seminar was also attended by students from various faculties at the University of Brawijaya.

In the seminar, attended by four speaker who will deliver the material adrift respectively. In the first material is filled by one of the lecturers from the Faculty of Animal Husbandry University of Brawijaya, Dr. Ir. Purwadi, MS., About the milk that is no food unrivaled. He discusses that the opposition to the notion that milk is not safe for health, because he thinks of lactose into the body of existing dairy intake can break it down in our bodies, so osteophorosis it can be prevented so that milk is safe for the body, and healthy. Digested with 100% power, so as not dangerous except to those who suffer from Lactose intolerance. The role of milk as the protein intake is also better than the egg. Milk is the Functional Foods, which has anti-microbial, anti-virus and bacteria can bind E. coli.

The second material submitted by the Chairman of East Java GKSI, Ir. H. SS. Sulistiyanto, MM., Delivered about persususan business prospects. He discusses the importance of milk for brain work, so we can feel the prospect of a very large work in the field of dairy milk proteins to see which work is crucial to the body.

The third material submitted Wahjoe Mr. B. Joewono, which is the Technical Manager of PT.Greenfields Indonesia. He introduced the Greenfields production sites located in Jl. Gunung Kawi, Malang. He also explained about the process by using flow diagrams, explain the working principles of separator, homogenization, and aseptic tanks. Production safety in Greenfields, in the process of seeking to minimize human contamination, and hygiene.
The fourth material submitted by Ir. Maskur as head of the Agribusiness East Java Provincial Government, he explained how the benefits of milk that had him and his family experienced. He also explained some of the work program, including on food security and welfare of farmers, for farmers who are unable to, they are given assistance in the form of cash or borrowing money.
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the kondang merak is very beautiful charming beach. As the charming area, We Will not fing any construction Poor 'hotels, villas, or else, but beach beautifully by nature, Some villagers, and Also calm and quite atmosphere ... so We Can swim or dive and play Sands ... Do not damage it !
The location is isolated, that you Can find a clear signal of communications and electricity. Do not worry about food, Because We have the number one chef. He is skilled in cooking many kind of menus, well ... he is an ex-chef of international voyage. There are only about ten WHO Families stay in That area. Many of Them Work as Fisherman for living. They go to the sea, fishing traditionally do by using the net or traditional fishhook, and then sell it to the traditional market of consume it for daily need. There is only one way to go there. It's rocky in slope upward way. Maybe it's the reason of why do people are have yet to find the location or not consider it as the aim for the tour or for fun.

Working camp, as one of the main agenda of Project Departement is meant to make IAASer understand well about the organization and responsibility of each member to their following duties and also to build the unity and the sense of belonging. Our woca will be located in the beach of Kondang Merak, south region of Malang. Working Camp in famous is fun! ! This was my first time I joined the Working Camp and some of this experience made me regret Because i had missed the previous Woca ....
"Surprised" Pls I Saw the beach. beleive or Not - We Live in beautiful place.Working Camp, this time carried on from 2-4 April 2010 ... A series of activities has been prepared by the Committee as Lecture Session with Prof.. Edi (watchman famous peacock is the former International Chef Falling Hearts The famous beach ma Peacock), scuba diving, jetsky (jetsky love him but we rent out to the French), snorkling, Nge_jam Until drop, chat with friends ma village residents, village anak2 taught learning Britain sambi language play, Fuel-burning Sea fish, Adventure in Central Kambang, etc.
Working ma actually join the Camp, this time not only children but IAAS aja, keeping the non-member member of IAAS and even some from Vietnam .... I think going to jd Next Candidate member IAAS World, hehehehehehe ... Working During the camp a lot of lessons that we can and enjoy the beauty of 100% Natural /.....

I dreamed of during this ...
I look forward to since a year ago, (on the implementation of the previous woca I joined GBS) ...
which during the cuman can I see through a photograph aja ...
..... I just want to say "I love famous Peacock"
Message from Pak Edi make us all: "Creating Employment and always upgrade your Skills" ...

Keep your spirit IAAS….

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Dear international participants,
This is the list of participants for World Congress 2010. What in bold name are the participants already fixed to come for this Congress due to their transfer’s payment. Please confirm us if there’s any unsuitable information, (e.g. your name is not already put, you have paid but your name is not in bold, or anything else). Thank you so much, and we are waiting for you to Indonesia…..
We still open the registration up to the end of this month. Reach us in:
facebook and email: woco2010@gmail.com This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it
website: woco2010.iaasindonesia.org
  1. Aline Verbeeck
  2. Andrea Brglez
  3. Annika Breesch
  4. Antonio Sanchez Barrera
  5. Antonio Stoot Howorth
  6. Arantxa Del Olmo Alvarez
  7. Audery Byarugaba
  8. Aurora Septi Violence
  9. Ayotunde Adegbenga Osiyemi
  10. Christina Paredes
  11. David Livingstone Nsibo
  12. Diana Namwanje
  13. Edwin Rosalio Quezada Escobar
  14. Ekaterina Kopchikova
  15. Emma Flemmig
  16. Frédéric Verville
  17. Galina Ksenofontova
  18. Herbert Kisatu
  19. Isaac Rugundo
  20. Jan Thomas Erpenbach
  21. Janaka Herath Mudiyanselage
  22. Janina Federau
  23. Joao Vasco
  24. Joeri Lagrou
  25. Kampanat Phesatcha
  26. Kenny Danny Nona
  27. Ketsia Johns
  28. M. Haidar Helmi
  29. Mariam Muganga
  30. Mario Rizkallal Monzon
  31. Maxime Bolle
  32. Miguel Calvo Agudo
  33. Miguel Ribeiro Cabral
  34. Monika Livia Scheller
  35. Ojetunde Ojewula
  36. Paul Omokagbo Johnson
  37. Polona Senekovič
  38. Praise Ezichi Uke
  39. Retno Dumilah Sari
  40. Simon Fonteyne
  41. Simon Vajdic
  42. Sofie J. G Rombouts
  43. Susanne Eva Maria Zielger
  44. Taiwo Olawale Afeez Akodere
  45. Tajeda Žohar
  46. Tatiana Shevcuk
  47. Tine Willemyns
  48. Tunji Olanrewaju
  49. Valerie Van Eeckhout
  50. Aldona Adamiak
  51. Wojciech Kapella
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We are alrealdy opening the registration for all of you who want to join World Congress 2010 in Indonesia. The date for registration started from March 1, 2010 up to April 30, 2010
Registration’s system:
  • Download the application form for World Congress in here
  • Send back the application form together with your scan of passport and your scan of payment authorization to our email woco2010@gmail.com This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it . Some of you already sent the scan of passport, and you can send it again if you want. But if not, you can state that you already sent it in your email.

    After we receive the application form, we will send back the invitation letter for your need in registering visa.

    Keep warm in contacting us by facebook or email in woco2010@gmail.com This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
  • You can find more information about World Congress IAAS in http://woco2010.iaasindonesia.org/

    See you in Indonesia!!!!

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Dear Alumni,

We would be very glad to see you arrange agendas for General Assembly. We are from Organizing Committees will set some sessions special for the alumni. The sessions could be report about alumni board, games, workshop, and etc. We are ready to give you sessions about what you want to do. Just tell us how many sessions you will take for GA, then we will arrange and set sessions for you.

There is no special price for the alumni. The price that the alumni should pay will be same with the participants, and they should pay fee according to the country where they belong as the fee we have already stated previously.
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In Indonesia, there are 3 kinds of visa, and you can make visa according to where country you come from. Tourist visas are only intended for tourists who are visiting Indonesia, not for expatriates intending to work and live for an extended period of time. Tourist visas will be needed by friends or family coming to visit you during your stay in Indonesia. There are 3 categories of tourist visa system.

1. Visa on Arrival (VOA)
These are the list of countries that can use Visa on Arrival during in Indonesia: Finland, Hungary, India, England, Italy, Germany, Canada, Lithuania, Mexico, United States of America, Austria, Belgium, Bulgary, Republic Ceko, Denmark, Estonia, France, Poland, Portugal, Rumany, Russia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland.

If you find your country belong to that list, the process of making visa can be done in
international airport when you come to Indonesia. You only need to pay 25 dolar, and
that visa will be yours. The cost of the 30-day (only) tourist visa is US$25/person for a 30-day visa and US$10/person for a 3-day visa.
Visitors from countries with visa-on-arrival facility will have to go to a special counter to have their passports stamped with the on-arrival visa before going to the immigration clearance desk. The VOA visa is NOT EXTENDABLE OR RENEWABLE. A visa issued on arrival can be extended only in extraordinary circumstances such as natural disasters, accident, or illness. If you want to stay in Indonesia longer than the 30 days you must exit and re-enter the country on a new tourist visa. Either Juanda in Surabaya or Soekarno Hatta in Jakarta can serve visa’s making.

2. Visa Permanent (VP)
These are the country that will use Visa Permanent when they are in Indonesia: Belarus, Benin, Bosnia, Herzegovina, Chile, Croatia, Ghana, Guatemala, Macedonia, Nigeria, Serbia, Tajikistan, Togo, Turkey, Ukraine, Uzbekistan, Zimbaboue.

If your country includes to this list, the process of making visa should be done minimal three months before you come to Indonesia. You can make it in Indonesian embassy in your country. We suggest to this following country: Belarus, Bosnia, Herzegovina, Croatia, Guatemala, Macedonia, Nigeria, Serbia, and Togo to register as soon as possible because we need to register you to our immigration office.

3. Visa Asean (VA)
The only one country of IAAS which can use it is Thailand. So, for international participants from Thailand, you just need to come to Indonesian embassy in your country to make visa as you need for World Congress. Visitors with the visa-free facility will be able to proceed directly to the immigration clearance counter after deplaning. Passport must be valid for a minimum of six months from the date of arrival. Onward or return tickets must be shown on arrival. The current tourist visa policy cuts the length of stay for tourist visas from the previous 60 days to 30 days. It is NO LONGER possible to stay in Indonesia more than 30 days on a tourist visa.
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Dear IAASer

We need a crew to do IAAS project, VCP
So prepare ur self to screening VCP crew. U will get many experience that u don't get it from other. if u're qualified. let's join with us..
screening will be held march 23-25, 2010 at 1-4 pm..Limited seat..only 10 person a day...
so let's get move on guys...(open to LC UB)

* motivation letter (must in english)
* resume about VCP(meaning, purpose, benefit and etc )
* case study analysis of World VCP (take 1 country that u choose, analysis SWOT, and compare with Indonesian's potention and condition right now)...u can get this info from internet

anyone have same chance (all department)
screening in english
cp 08567113381 (IsaL / project dept)
wE re waiting for u
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Exchange program is one of way to get more knowledge and experience from other country with work together and living in farm with local farmer. Talking about Finland you will find nokia (name of city in Finland), santa claus and aurora. The real Santa Claus lives in Finland. While the actual Santa Claus workshop is located at Korvantunturi fell deep in the wilds of Lapland, his office can be found on the Arctic Circle in Rovaniemi. This is scandinavian country, the most people are friendly. In every home you will find kahvia ja pulla (coffee and bread). They are often eat this every day and also with their guest.
The language in Finland is finnish. It has more than 17.000 lakes and have very large forest (65%). Summer start in june-august, autumn in september-november, winter in december-february and spring in march-may. The temperature in summer about 20o-30oC and in winter about –20o until -30oC. Some time it has very long time winter start in december-april (north in Finland). You will find something amazing in here, ther is no dark in the night on june (24 hours light). Summer is time for picking strowberry, redberry, blueberry in field and winter is time for skying in everywhere especially in downhill. Ít is so fun can feel four season in here.
In this year, I have opportunity to work in dairy farm at Siikajoki (www.siikajoki.fi) and get chance to visit valio company in oulu, watch the ancient tractor fair and farmary 2009 (annualy big event to learn about agricultural technology and finnish culture) . My work is all about activities in farm such as milking, feeding, cleaning etc. I work 8 hours per day start on 6.00-10.00 am and 17.00-21.00 pm. We have more than 80 cows (also calves) and produce milk 1500 lt/day. We sell all fresh milk to Valio company. Valio is the biggest dairy company in Finland (www.valio.com). It always take milk from the farm every 2 days with milk car and give note about quality of milk from farm to farmer (percentage of protein, fat, solut, urea, bacteria, temperature etc), so all farmer must keep their quality of milk.
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Assalamua'laikum Wr. Wb.

The former National Committee of IAAS Indonesia 2009-2010, Would Like to Say Congratulations for the Committee of National Congress 2010 in IAAS Local Committee Brawijaya. Our High Gratitude and Honor for all of the committee, especially the Chief of the Committee, which is Muhammaad tabik Amrillah,
for all of the cooperation. hospitality during the congress!

And also...
For all of IAAS Indonesia, that already participated in National Congress 2010. Thank you very much for your time, spirit and effort! It because all of you participation in National Congress, it will determine the success of IAAS Indonesia in next year periods (2010-2011).

On behalf former National Committee of IAAS Indonesia 2009-2010, Would like to say "Thank You" for all of the persons that already support Us, and also the cooperation during the recent years..
We would like to say, Our deep apologies if in our periods there is a lot of mistakes...

And also...

Congratulations... for the New National Committee of IAAS Indonesia 2010-2011, which are :
1. National Director : Hafiz M. from IAAS LC UB
2. VD Exchange : Jihan from IAAS LC Unhalu
3. VD Communication : Budi from IAAS LC Unhalu
4. VD Finance : Lina from IAAS LC UB
5. VD Partner : Prima from IAAS LC IPB

My Great Honor, once more to Say Congratulation to all of you guys...I believe all of you can Do the Best for IAAS Indonesia! Because all of us is realize in this year we still have a homework to serve the best as the HOST WORLD CONGRESS 2010.

I also want to Congratulate for the New Coordinator of National Organizing Committee of World Congress 2010, which is:
1. Coordinator of NOC : Eri Hadyansyah from IAAS LC UB

Congratulations for the new CCNC, which are:
1. Adib Firman Hidayat from IAAS LC UB
2. Sabila Putri Dian from IAAS LC IPB
3. Femmy from IAAS LC Unpad

Congratulations for all of the persons that already elected as the representative of IAAS Indonesia in National Committee. Hopefully, this year...everything will be much better from before...
I am here, on behalf former NC IAAS Indonesia...want to say.."Just Feel Free" to contact us...for any advice or suggestions...

Wassalamua'laikum Wr. Wb.

Warm Regards,
Ayupry Diptasari (Dita)
Former NC IAAS Indonesia
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What's up IAAS? Excellent 7x....

Congratulation for new national Committee of IAAS Indonesia. We hope, National Committee can do the best for IAAS Indonesia. Here, they are of new national Committee

National Director: Hafiz Iqbal Maulana
Vice Director of Partnership: Prima
Vice Director of Finance: Lina Muflihatudz Dzakiyyah
Vice Director of Communication: Budi Hartono
Vice Director of Exchange: Fauzhia Jihan Benazir

Peace, Love and respect
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In December 21th, the seniors of IAAS select the steering committee to organize the XV IAAS’s National Congress to be held on February 2nd of 2010. This selection involves more than 70 participants. In this selection, the seniors give questions about our preparation and interest in the committee. The questions can be about the definition of National Congress and what activities may be conducted there. They want to assure our mental preparation, or our endurance to hold all consequences of the duty assigned. They also ask whether we go to which section when we successfully get into the committee, and they also inquire our experience related to our favorite section. Our seniors seem friendly in giving these questions. We feel not at all strained. We get fun in this selection process.
The announcement day comes up with the 29 new members of new steering committee to organize the XV IAAS’s National Congress. The strict selection produces the following qualified names:
The selection of NatCon Steering Committee seems followed by the assembly of each Section. I belong to PDD Section. This day, we have assembly in our beloved base camp. In this assembly, we elaborate our progress. I give my ID Card design to the chief, Kharis. He likes it and I feel so excited about it. Next, we talk about the appropriate publication strategy. Aan, the CO of PPD, and Cahyo, Dipta and Angga, as the item keeper, give some idea about publication strategy. It involves the publication during Jumat Pray and the use of close friends. It seems so creative to me. Do not think about the serious assembly! We always throw a joke. By the way, can you imagine that we should find “a location love” in this Section. Aan (someone who being gossiped) has a cross to F***A, also the member of PDD. He show a manner of shame when we remark him with this gossip, but finally he admits it. We burn into cheers. We do hoping to Aan for his love to be accepted.
Time goes on. We reach the day of The XV IAAS’s National Congress. Early morning at 6 am , the steering committee prepares in the PPI Building to have final check against the room and the arrival of the seminar participants. They start to observe the ticket box and the promotion stand from the sponsor.
At 7 am , the delegations of IPB, Unpad, Undip, UNS and Unhalu, arrive. They fill into the delegation registration list and take the meal for breakfast. Not long, the seminar participants arrive in through. Only few show up in the beginning, but later, they become abundant causing us with the overwhelmed task. Fortunately, the other members help us in selling the ticket.
The event seems evolving with many participants. The source persons bring up the material to the participant, and they have very interesting open-ended session. In the end of event, the door prize should be given to the participant with courage to step forward to answer the question. Some participants change their T-shirt with the stylist shirt just to get door prize from the IAAS. It will be the emotional touched struggle.
The event ends at 14 pm. All participants leave the room with the certificate. The steering committee should be ready to clean to room and prepare to go to BLK Singosari. The delegations also prepare to get along with the committee.
The first joint assembly has been conducted after having section assemblies very often. In this assembly, we discuss the already conducted early preparation. Each event coordinator presents the progress. Sponsorship Section informs which product/company with the willingness to fund the NatCon event. Consumption Section explains the food/beverage served during the NatCon. PDD Section provides the information about ticket and publication, and some media used to publish the XV NatCon, such as banner, A4, and leaflet.
In the startup day of ticket selling from ticket box standing, we only get very few buyers. PDD Section works hard to look for new publication strategy to acknowledge the people onto the NatCon. After thinking for a while, we get into a smart strategy, precisely by inserting our leaflet to the announcement board in the each faculty and onto the students‘vehicles. Our strategy finds a success! We get enough buyers from several faculties. They seem curious with the actor who inserts the mysterious invitation on their vehicles.
The next day leads us to think about the additional participants. Again, we search for a new strategy. The new innovation, once more, jumps out from our brain. We decide to plot the leaflet onto the Facebook and the Tag, and send it excessively to any friends. In the beginning, we only ask them to comment about our leaflet, but without their consciousness, we deliver it as the promotion media.
We experience a funny story during the distribution of leaflet to the people around the campus. We actually see the group of high school students walking into our campus, accompanied with their teachers. We take an initiative to spread our leaflet to them. Aan, Cahyo and Dipta have been ready for it by holding some leaflets. When these high school students arrive, they distribute the leaflet actively. For a moment, these high school students stand with sense of surprise and also confused. We feel curious to know why, but only find the reason that these high school students come from Surabaya and visit to Malang for a study tour. Of course, these high school students must be perplexed. They come from a city far from Malang . It will be impossible to attend the event. How a shame to us will be. Our great enthusiasm in the promotion only traps us into the awful situation.
After conducting ticket sale for more than a week, the joint assembly has been organized again with all sections on January 31 of 2010. We highlight the general preparation for the XV National Congress (NatCon). The preparation includes the ticket sale, consumption, the accommodation of delegation, and the plan of touring to BLK Singosari.
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what's up, IAAS? Excelent 7x. Natioan Congress will be held on University of Brawijaya (january2nd-9th 2010). It's 15th National Congress IAAS Indonesia with theme "Power of Dairy Cattle to Support human Beeing". In this National Congress , we have a lot of agenda, such as national seminar with theme (Milk: Is it safe for our health?), pleono, Election new NC, working group, field trip,etc.

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What's up, Guys? How were your days? Well, I come to tell you that we are gonna have English Club at Wednesday, January 6th 2010 at our lovely secret. Due to that, please come there at 4 p.m. English Club is gonna be debate, and the topic to debate is: "Sex Education for Elementary School's Students." What do you think about this topic? Okay, you can think from now up to January 6th. Please think as well as you can, about the advantages and the disadvantages of giving sex education for Elementary School's students, because you havent known, where you will be in group, whether in pro's group or contra's group. You will be divided into the group on the debate's day, and you can not choose by yourself, because I will choose for you. Then, you can share your arguments with your group. Do you like it? Will you come to English Club? Well, I'll be waiting for you. See you there....
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That was Sunday, December 20th 2009. IAASers were busy on preparing National Seminar and Presentation of IAAS Paper Competition (IPC) from very early morning. Those two events took place in meeting room of Faculty of Culture Studies, Brawijaya University. Starting at 8 p.m., first programme was presentation of IPC. There were two finalists who presented their papers in front of two adjudicators from Food Tech Faculty. They were trying to do it as well as possible. Coming to 9 p.m., the room was getting crowded because of the seminar's participants' arrival. One by one entered the room, enjoyed their sitting, and were ready for the seminar. This was opened by greeting speeches from Chief of Committee, Local Committee Director of IAAS, and IAAS' advisor. Not long after, first speaker of the seminar started giving his presentation. Well, the theme for this seminar was :"Be a good scientific communicator in English". So, the speaker talked about how to be a good speaker and what important things we should notice in English presentation. The first speaker was Mr. Taufan Hendro Baskoro, lecturer of English Department, Brawijaya University. He was so attractive, funny, and friendly person who has made the participants interested in his presentation. Coming to the next speaker, Mr. Kiantoro Andiek Setyawan was lecture of English Department in Muhammadiyah University of Malang. He was also a nice speaker who talked about "how to prepare good presentation in English." The participants enjpyed this session. They showed their participation by asking the speaker. Well, Mr. Andiek was the last speaker. In the end of the programme, the host announced the winner of IAAS Paper Competition. The winner was the group of Esti and Guruh from Fisheries Marine Faculty. This was the end. All of committees and IAAS' family were happy because this event could be success. One thing made us proud was the participants. Not only college's or university's students who came to the seminar. There were also Senior High School's students. Event, there were three Senior High School's students from Mojokerto.
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Dear IAASer…

Assalamu’alikum wr wb

Gak terasa nih, sekarang sudah waktunya pengkaderan awal alias IOP. Mungkin buat temen2 yang baru gabung IAAS belum ngerti apa sih yang dimaksud dengan IOP itu sendiri. OK saya jelaskan, denger baik-baik ya (maksut saya baca hehehe)…

Maksud dan Tujuan

Menurut kitab undang-undang dasarnya IAAS Indonesia ato istilahnya PD/ PRT (Pedoman Dasar/Pedoman Rumah Tangga) IAAS Indonesia tahun 2005 Pasal 11 tentang Jenis Pengkaderan menyebutkan bahwa IOP atau singkatan dari IAAS Orientation Program merupakan program pengenalan IAAS dan jenjang pertama pengkaderan. Nah disini sudah jelas bahwa acara IOP itu sendiri merupakan acara atau even yang ditujukan untuk temen-temen mahasiswa yang belum ngerti IAAS, buat kenalan sama yang namanya IAAS, mulai dari pendirinya, pengurus yang ada di kantor pusat di Belgia sono ato biasa disebut HQ, pengurus tingkat nasional (NC), pengurus lokal atau LC, program kerjanya tiap departemen yang ada di LC sampai pengenalan wawasan keilmuan yang nantinya kita akan sering berhubungan banget yaitu: Agrokomplek atau pertanian termasuk peternakan dan perikanan.

Selain sebaagai program pengenalan IAAS, IOP juga disebutkan sebagai jenjang pertama pengkaderan. Jadi bisa dikatakan juga kalo IOP tuh diadakan untuk mencari penerus generasi dari IAAS itu sendiri nantinya, sehingga IOP merupakan syarat mutlak untuk jadi pengurus IAAS. Jadi intinya IOP sendiri tuh adalah acara buat kenalan bagi yang belum kenal, dan sebagai pengkaderan awal.

Dalam PD/PRT juga disebutkan kalua IOP minimal dilaksanakan satu kali setiap periode kepengurusan. Jadi tiap tahun IOP harus diadakan.

Apa saja yang dilakukan pada saat IOP?

Menrut PD/PRT IAAS (lagi) Materi pokok pada saat IOP ada 3 yaitu :

a. Pengenalan IAAS Internasional, Indonesia, dan Local Committee (LC).

  Jadi konsepnya pas IOP XVII nanti, pengenalan IAAS Internasional, Indonesia dan LC adalah dilakukan semacam presentasi oleh mas-mas atau mbak-mbak yang sudah ngerti banget tentang IAAS, mulai dari pengurusnya, struktur dan sistem organisasinya, trus sama tugas-tugas apa saja yang mereka lakukan selama jadi pengurus. Selain itu juga nanti akan disampaikan negasa apa saja yang gabung sama IAAS, terus di Indonesia sendiri ada berapa universitas yang ikut, nanti akan dijelaskan pada waktu IOP. Jadi peserta IOP XVII nanti diharapkan ngerti atau paling tidak sudah mempunyai gambaran tentang kepengurusan, struktur dan sistem organisasi dari IAAS itu sendiri, dan tahu negara mana saja yang bisa di tuju kalo pengen expro (pada pengen expro kan?). Sehingga setelah IOP XVII nanti temen-temen IOP bari sudah gak bingung lagi kalau temen-temen bilang NC, ND, LCD, NEXCO, CCNC, CCLC dan lain-lain.

b. Wawasan pertanian.

  Sesuai dengan misi IAAS yaitu to promote international understanding and the exchange of knowledge in agriculture and related fields yang intinya adalah sharing ilmu pengetahuan dan pengalaman yang ada hubunganya dengan pertanian. Maka dari itu kita sebagai IAASer (sebutan buat anggota IAAS) juga harus tahu tentang pertanian, Maksud dari pertanian di sini adalah luas tidak hanya yang berhubungan dengan padi, peternakan, perikanan dan teknologi pertanian saja, tapi juga ilmu-ilmu tentang pertanian dari fakultas lain –jujur kalu dari kuliah saja masih kurang – iya kan?, dan teknologi baru yang sedang berkembang di dunia ini agar kita gak ketinggalan dengan negara-negara lain.

  Di IOP XVII kali ini, pengenalan pertanianya berupa pengenalan terhadap instansi yang berada di bawah departemen Pertanian yaitu Dinas peternakan tepatnya Unit Pelaksana Teknis (UPT) dinas Peternakan Kecamatan Singosari. Nanti temen-temen IOP XVII bakal dikenalkan dengan Peternakan, apa saja yang dilakukan oleh UPT Dinas Peternakan dalam membantu masyarakat Petani-ternak selama ini dalam memajukan bangsa dan bagaimana penerapan ilmu atau teknologi yang telah ditemukan oleh teman-teman kita di kampus untuk masyarakat. Sehingga dengan begitu kita akan tahu kondisi dan masalah yang ada di lapangan tentang pertanian itu sendiri, sehingga kita bisa memikirkan solusi apa untuk masalah tersebut dan me-share nya negan teman IAAS kita yang ada di belahan dinia lain.

c. Manajemen Organisasi dan kemahasiswaan.

  Dalam menjalankan suatu organisasi, seseorang harus tahu langkah apa yang harus dikerjakan untuk menyukseskan suatu tujuannya. Oleh karena itu dasar-dasar keorganisasian mutlak diperlukan oleh pengurus IAAS mendatang. Sehingga kader-kader IAAS mendatang setelah mengikuti IOP diharapkan cakap dan mampu dalam mengelola program kerja IAAS dengan baik dan mengerti pola dan langkah-langkah dalam mencapai tujuan itu.


  Selain itu motivasi, mental kepemimpinan, loyalitas dan rasa memiliki terhadap IAAS juga harus dibina, agar setelah mengikuti IOP ini, para IAASer dapat sungguh-sungguh dalam menjalankan kepengurusanya dan berniat untuk memajukan di IAAS. Selain itu rasa kekeluargaan perlu dibentuk dalam IOP ini, dengan tujuan agar di kepengurusan mendatang pengurus IAAS bisa lebih kompak dan solid dalam mengatasi suatu masalah dan memajukan IAAS untuk kedepanya.


  Pada IOP XVII kali ini pengenalan keorganisasian dan motivasi dikemas dalam games-games seru dan presentasi materi oleh mas-mas atau mbak-mbak yang sudah sangat mengerti tentang keorganisasian. Materi dalam pengenalan keorganisasian sendiri antara lain adalah: bagaimana membuat planning yang baik, bagaimana membentuk sebuah panitia, bagaimana mengevaluasi kegiatan dan lain-lain. Materi-materi tersebut selain dipresentasikan oleh mbak-mbak atau mas-mas, nantinya juga akan dipraktikan langsung melalui games-games seru. Sedangkan untuk motivasi selain disajikan dengan games juga dilakukan dengan semacam renungan dengan tujuan agar temen-temen bisa lebih menyadari betapa berharganya IAAS untuk kita dan betapa berharganya kita untuk IAAS.

Nah itulah penjelasan sedikit tentang IOP XVII. Semoga temen-temen dapat gambaran setidaknya tahu sedikit lah tentang IOP XVII. So kalo dilihat dari gambaran (tulisan) di atas, rugi banget kalo gak ikut IAAS, karena dengan begitu kita dapat pelajaran berharga, teman dan pengalaman yang kita gak tau kapan kesempatan itu datang lagi.

Ingatlah teman “hidup tidak akan berkesan kalau kita hanya melewatkanya tanpa kontribusi untuk memajukan peradaban ini”.

So, keep IAAS Spirit, Professional and Think Globally


Sohibul Himam Haqiqi

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Hohohohohohoho, what’s up, guys?? If you have a big desire to share your knowledge with English language. Please, come and join in IAAS English club. We have club of English every Wednesday at 03.30 p.m. until drop in IAAS headquarter. You can learn a new thing in English conversation. You’re not only get new knowledge in global topic. But also, you can improve your skill in conversation. I believe, you’re English be better than before.
One of the IAASers will get a chance to be a moderator in each session. Every session, we’re discuss in different topic. In first session, we’ve discussed about “facebook”. We’re really exciting with this topic. Because, all of members IAAS always love to visit “facebook” in the first session when they’re online. The second session and then, we’ve discussed about “Indonesia vs Malaysia”, “Music” (Am I rock), “Stop playing porn Miyabi”, etc. What’s next topic?? Check it out later. I hope from the meeting of club. We can improve our skill in English, increase our knowledge and understanding different cultures. We’re waiting for you after middle test in IAAS Indonesia LC UB headquarter, On time. So, Please, come and Join Us. Arigato Gozaimasu, danke, Thank you, Suwun Brothers and Sisters for your attention…….
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Local Committee Brawijaya University (LC UB) was being a student activity unit in university at 1999 (SK no.105/SK/1999) after struggling since it formed at 1992. One of requirement for being admitted as university activity unit was the members of IAAS must coming from minimum 4 faculties, and when the fishery faculty, husbandry faculty and agriculture technology faculty were separated from agriculture faculty then IAAS could admitted as a university activity unit in Brawijaya University. At the first time LC UB was share the room with Menwa (at 3 organization period times, 1997-2000) after its place before always moving followed where’s the local committee director have been, but then LC UB got the permanent place in Sekretariat Bersama Unit Kegiatan Mahasiswa Brawijaya University.
IAAS Local Committee Brawijaya University (LC-UB) was accepted as candidate member IAAS Indonesia in 1993. The person who propose founding IAAS LC-UB at that time was the leader of SEMA Agriculture Faculty, Ahmad Sirojuddin whose then occupied as Local Committee Director (LCD) IAAS LC-UB in the first period. In 1994 this status changed into full-member. First activity in that time was Exchange Program activity especially in sending program by sending a member of IAAS LC-UB to Swiss for internship in farming for at least 3 months.
In second period, IAAS LC-UB was being an organizer for National Congress IAAS Indonesia in 1995. Another activity was sending a member to followed internship for 3 months in Netherlands. In this period some LC UB members followed internship in Swiss, Germany, and Finland.
Intern organization activities had done in the third organization period time. An effort to get permanent secretary, office tools supplying and organizing, organization socialization around Brawijaya University, implementation of language education, and also sending delegation to National Congress and interaction with another LC was the agenda at that period.
Until right now IAAS LC Unibraw has doing LCC for 13 times. It means there were 14 Local Committee Directors who ever lead IAAS LC UB:
1. Ahmad Sirojuddin, Agriculture Faculty (1993-1994),
2. Endah Agus, Fishery Faculty (1994-1995),
3. Andhika Karunia, Agriculture Faculty (1996-1998),
4. Citra Wardhani, Agriculture Faculty (1998-1999),
5. Johan B. Pambudi, Agriculture Faculty (1999-2000),
6. Ani Yulika, Agriculture Faculty (2000-2001),
7. Fauzian Noor, Agriculture Faculty (2001-2002)
8. Wahyu Purwaningsih, Agriculture Faculty (2002-2003)
9. Firman Jaya, Husbandry Faculty (2003-2004)
10. Rudy Rahadian, Agriculture Faculty (2004-2005)
11. Endah Wijayanti, Agriculture Technology Faculty (2005-2006)
12. Fandi Arisrahman, Husbandry Faculty (2006-2007)
13. Saiful Rizal, Agriculture Technology Faculty (2007-2008)
14. Wawan Wahyudiono, Agriculture Technology Faculty (2008-2009)
15. M, Rizky Affandy, Agriculture Faculty (2009-2010)
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Hey, what’s up guys? This one’s agenda from IAAS Indonesian LC UB. The event presented by Public Relation and Human Resource Development. It was held in Animal Husbandry Faculty at August 29th 2009. The theme was “Leadership without Communication like Soup without Salt”. Sometimes, we’re not really confident as a leader. Because, We don’t have a good ability in communication. SO, What did we get from this event? So far, We’ve improved our soft skill in this coaching. In honestly, I felt my communication improve and be more confident as a good Leader. Oh My GOD… It was amazing, because We’ve got coaching by Mr. Ibnu and Mr. Stephan. Just come and find what happened……
In this event “Coaching of Leadership and Sponsorship”, All of committee came earlier than participant and prepared everything. We divided in two session for coaching and made a game in break time. The event began at 02.00 p.m. What did we get first? Before that, the ceremony opened by Dhanang adhi P. as Chief of Committee and M. Risky Affandi as Director. Wow, We’ve got Leadership coaching by Mr. Ibnu in the first session. He didn’t tell about theory leadership. He just shared type of leader and discussed it. We were really exciting, and we’ve got many chance to ask. We’re really satisfied. Because, all of the question answered clearly. After that, Mr. Ibnu made a game. The name of the game was “Blind Train”. Some of the participant took a part in the game, and the other just watched them. The game had full meaning in communication and leadership. So, all of participants had a chance to communicate not only their eyes, but with their ears. And they heard the sound of bottle that played by their leader. So, If the team could found the leader just follow instruction from the sound of bottle, the team would be the winner. The game was funny and amazing. We’ve got the message more complete about Leadership and communication from “Blind Train game”. After that, we’ve got break for one hour.
All of participant was curious about the second coaching. Because, we would get the coaching from ex-Vice President IAAS. Who is he? He is Mr. Stephan. What did he talk about? He told about his experience and shared about sponsorship to us. We’ve learned how to made a good ”proposal” and found sponsor. We were really enthusiasm and got a chance to ask. Wow, the participant was really exciting with this topic. Some of us, asking about ”how to get sponsorship from abroad”, ”how to made a good proposal”, etc. Finally, We’ve known about proposal and sponsorship more than before. Of course, We’re so satisfied with the answer. Before, we closed our coaching. Mr. Stephan made a game. Name of the game was ”Brutal Money Under Phone”. Hahahahaha, No one won in this game. The rule of the game was simple. Only taken the money without break out the phone. So, we’ve lost a chance to get money from Mr. Stephan, hiks 7x..... Although, our coaching was over. Because it was happening in ”Ramadhan”, and some of us was fasting. We closed the event after ”Sholat Maghrib”. We have a dinner together with special menu. After ll, I wish from this event, We’ll be better than before and thank’s for your coming. See you in the next Event.......
By: kharis Alimoerdhoni Arief (KAA)
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